Orbie for Orphans Episode

Orbie for Orphans contacted Timbuktoons to create a pilot episode for their animated curriculum in development that is designed with the specific and unique needs of orphans worldwide.

Timbuktoons worked with Orbie for Orphans to develop the series (story, character design, art direction) and produce the 9:30 short.

In production we used three pipelines for the different styled animated segments.

The majority of the episode is tradigital frame by frame animation done in Harmony.

Another segment (“Orbie’s Story”) was produced in After Effects using illustrator assets. The third segment (“Bo’s Flashback”) was symbol based animation produced in Flash.

Orbie for Orphans wanted to use animation to show orphans and foster children that they are special.


  • Adapt existing CG characters to 2D animation
  • Produce almost 10 minutes within a short timeframe
  • Switch to a new pipeline for frame by frame animation using Harmony
  • Craft a creative storyline while including specific required content


  • Implement three different pipelines for three different art directions
  • Crew up for various pre-production and production elements

Services: concept and script development, visual development, art direction, character design, frame by frame and limited animation, post-production, sound design

Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, Toon Boom Harmony

Todd Hampson and the gang at Timbuktoons are awesome! Very professional, and very creative! We keep coming back again and again!

Phil Vischer | Creator of What’s In the Bible and VeggieTales

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