Music Videos

You bring the music, we’ll bring the animation. The synergy of well-produced music, custom art direction, and high-quality motion media demonstrates creative collaboration at its best!

Whether fully animated or a mix of animation and live action, your music video project can be taken to a higher octave by using animation. Worship videos, live lyrics, complex motion graphics treatments, or character driven performances? No problem.

Bring us in early for planning or bring us in late to add some polish—either way, Timbuktoons has the experience and tools to make your music videos as awesome as they deserve to be. You know what music production is like. Take some pressure off and let us produce the videos for you. The two of us working in our areas of expertise is sure to generate the best possible solution.

Timbuktoons has worked with musicians and music production companies such as Yancy Ministries, Orange/ReThink Group, Uncle Charlie, Life.Church and others to help them bring their music to life with motion graphics and character animation.

Todd Hampson and the gang at Timbuktoons are awesome! Very professional, and very creative! We keep coming back again and again!

Phil Vischer | Creator of What’s In the Bible and VeggieTales

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