Salvation Army Animated Curriculum

This long awaited reboot of Salvation Army’s Junior Soldiers curriculum covers key aspects related to the theology, history, mission, and vision of the Salvation Army.

Timbuktoons was asked to develop a show concept that upper elementary-aged children would love. The result was what’s affectionately known as The Salvation Response Team.

“Putting the motto “Saved to Serve” front and center; Kat, Turk, and Bram make up The Salvation Response Team (SRT), an elite unit of Junior Soldiers who run a global kid’s broadcast and action response training network.

With the help of their high tech and ever present personal assistant “Mama Luma,” and “Mr. B”, their mentor and neighborhood patriarch, the SRT members use their future tech Treehouse, Command Center and Mobile Command Unit to train other Junior Soldiers in the ways of the SRT as they put their faith into action!

The Salvation Response Team was established by Kat’s abuelo, Mr. B, after a quiet but successful career in the tech industry. It’s purpose is to find the next generation of Junior Soldiers, and train them to carry the message of the Salvation Army to a lost and hurting world.”

Once development was completed, Timbuktoons spent several months visually developing the show, creating all of the key animation assets (backgrounds, characters, props, special effects), rigging characters, and casting voices.

Then it was “game on.” All told, the series will have taken four years to develop and produce.

Timbuktoons developed the show concept, produced 130 animated episodes and training videos, designed and produced the print curriculum, and produced key assets for the Junior Soldiers App and website.


  • Develop a show concept that will have a long life and appeal to a wide demographic
  • Develop episode templates for multiple writers to follow, formatted to deliver critical content and entertain viewers
  • Produce 130 shorts using a mostly distributed team
  • Meet critical season production deadlines
  • Maintain a consistent level of entertainment and content value


  • Produce multiple re-usable virtual sets to keep production moving without episodes becoming static
  • Developed multiple systems for art direction, tone, writing, and animation consistency
  • Updated character rigs after each season for maximum asset reuse
  • Set up online production management tools for our distributed team
  • Developed a custom pipeline that met our customer’s needs and maintained the necessary production schedule

Services: Concept development, show guide development, visual development, asset creation, character rigging, voice casting, voice directing, storyboards, animatics, 2D animation production, full sound design and mastering, compositing and effects.

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