About Us

Since 2003, Timbuktoons has produced content for ministry and missions organizations, faith-based entertainment companies, networks and distributors, such as The Salvation Army, Tony Evans Films, RightNow Media, Harvest House Publishers, Life.Church, Compassion International, OneHope, and various children’s ministry resource providers.

We’re the studio next door even though we’re not. Location and time zones don’t hold us back. We’ve worked with clients all over the country. Our collaboration tools, customer-focused pipeline, and experience will make you feel like we’re in the next room. We’re a team of creative problem solvers and we want you to succeed as bad as you do. Ultimately, our success depends on yours. Projects aren’t paychecks for us, they’re our calling.

We produce animation from script to screen and everything in-between. Come to us with an idea on a napkin, or a fully developed concept and we’ll know exactly what solution to recommend. We’re animation-ninjas when it comes to developing a solution and bringing your vision to life.

Don’t Let the Forest Scare You

Overwhelmed with all of the details? Let us work them all out. We have a clear view of the forest and the trees. We produce animation with an inherent grasp of strategy and branding.

We look at the big picture to make sure you have everything covered. Apps, games, marketing, toys, events, curriculum, products, environment design, foreign language animation production—there’s not much we haven’t seen over the years and we bring all of that experience to bear with every project we touch.

Don’t Let the Process Scare You

Our process is complex on our end, but simple on yours. Even if you have never worked with an animation company before, you will love our pipeline.

It’s built so you can see it develop through collaborative approval steps designed to make sure you are happy at each stage before moving onto the next one.

Our Team

We have a small core staff in Augusta, GA and an extensive distributed team known affectionately as the TimbuktoonCloud Team. These are hand-picked, vetted artists and animators who specialize in specific areas. We’re built to scale and we develop a crew plan specifically for your project. What that means is we can move fast and deliver consistent quality for a reasonable price. We also have tools and processes to collaborate seamlessly with you and your team.

Todd Hampson

Founder/Chief Creative Officer

Todd wrote and illustrated the children’s book “The Adventures of Lizard Man” which became an overnight success among his siblings and classmates at Lamont Elementary. Building on his 5th grade success, Todd continued to develop stories and create characters.

At some point along the way he went to art school and college and discovered people would pay him money to use these talents. After years of working in creative industries, Todd’s love for story, art, and ministry led him to found Timbuktoons in 2003.

Todd is the Founder/Chief Creative Officer of Timbuktoons, LLC (EST. 2003), an award winning animation development and production company, was the Executive Producer and lead animator for a small line of creative children’s ministry media products, has produced hours of animated content for other organizations, developed and pitched several show concepts to major Kids TV networks, licensed characters, and been a professional artist for over 25 years.

His primary focus at Timbuktoons is leading an amazing team, developing strategic solutions for clients, designing characters, guiding the art direction and visual development process, and producing content that makes a positive impact. Todd also writes and illustrates books that make learning theology easier. Visit: ToddHampson.com for more info.

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Sean Copley

Creative Producer/Production Lead

Sean doesn’t just think outside of the box, he thinks there is no box. Clients are amazed at Sean’s attention to detail and extreme super-powers when it comes to seeing the big picture.

Strategy is Sean’s middle name. Branding is his other middle name. We’re not sure why he has two middle names, but we don’t question it. He’s also an amazing producer and production manager—but we’re already way over the middle name limit.

Sean has a wealth of experience in his creative producer role and is our secret sauce when it comes to elevating everything we do at Timbuktoons.

He is the Lead Producer for Timbuktoons products and service work as well as a one man R&D powerhouse, brand strategy coach, writes scripts and co-develops show concepts and other IPs at Timbuktoons.

Sean also has experience serving as an Art Director/Communications lead for a large non-profit organization where he has worked in brand management, marketing and communications, and event planning.

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