Show​ ​Development

Give us your “back-of-napkin” sketch and we’ll turn it into a well thought out concept with a compelling story and relatable characters that kids will love.

Timbuktoons has developed and pitched animated show concepts to the major networks and distributors in NY, LA, Atlanta, Nashville, Texas, and DC. We have attended and taught at industry trade shows, and we have produced series animation for some well-known faith-based shows. Our desire is to be salt and light wherever we can have influence.

You may not need that level of development but that’s the expertise we bring to every project. Have a concept idea? Let us help you take it to the next level. We treat every project like a show in the sense that every project needs a well-developed concept and strategy to achieve the best outcome. This is our sweet spot.

Timbuktoons has pitched to the major kids networks and Christian content networks around the country.

Development includes some or all of these functions depending on what’s needed for the project: show concept, research, premise, character descriptions, 1-sheet, show guide, script formulas, script writing, episode springboards, scope and sequence, voice casting, visual development, character design, background design, asset creation, character rigging, test animation, pilot episode, storyboards, animatic, overall strategy and branding, show logo, show graphics package, and more!

Todd Hampson and the gang at Timbuktoons are awesome! Very professional, and very creative! We keep coming back again and again!

Phil Vischer | Creator of What’s In the Bible and VeggieTales

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