The Mr. Phil Show Character Design

Phil Vischer, Founder of Jellyfish Labs and co-creator of the acclaimed VeggieTales, opens the Bible to a tiny book all the way at the back. With the help of some animated friends, Phil walks through the entire book of 1 John to answer the question, “What is a Christian?”

This pioneering series produced for RightNow Media packs tons of good theology into short sessions that toddlers to adults will enjoy. Learn not only what the Bible says, but also why and what it means for us today.

Timbuktoons worked directly with Phil Vischer and designed the characters, key sets, character rigs, props, effects, and various reusable animation cycles and handed them all off to his in-house team for production.

Timbuktoons also produced the show intro and the key episode song sequences.

Services: Character design, asset creation, character rigging, background and prop design, storyboards, animatics, 2D animation production

Software: Flash, Illustrator, Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop, After Effects

Todd Hampson and the gang at Timbuktoons are awesome! Very professional, and very creative! We keep coming back again and again!

Phil Vischer | Creator of What’s In the Bible and VeggieTales

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