Top 5 Reasons to Collaborate

 Here are 5 reasons creative collaboration is great for multi-site and single-site churches:

1. Good Stewardship
It doesn’t make sense to crew up for short term or “one-off” projects when the talent is already available on a contract basis.

2. Quality Work
We’ve found that each creative team has different strengths and weaknesses. Pulling on an outside resource to fill a gap always increases the overall quality (and timeliness of completion).

3. Unity of the Body
Churches shouldn’t be silos or feel like competitors. Working together for THE Church (capital “C”) is what we should all aim for.

4. The Best Artist Is All of Us Together
If the indie entertainment industry can effectively collaborate to get the job done (as was the case with Secret of the Kells and other indie films), how much more should churches and likeminded creative shops be able to collaborate to make a project better than if we tried to pull it off alone?

5. Impact
Not only do you get a bigger bang for your buck when you pull on creative team members to work in their strength areas, but you also get more creative thought, intuitive networking, passion and creative synergy, momentum, higher quality product, and overall larger impact. Bigger vision comes from getting outside of our box. Also, someone out there NEEDS your talent! The world misses out if you and I don’t network and collaborate for larger impact!
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