kidsQuest Wallscapes

During the branding process for kidsQuest, the kidmin of Quest Church, Timbuktoons developed a story and art direction for the environment design.

Using those as a springboard for illustrations, we created a series of unique wallscapes that visually express the personality and heartbeat of the kidsQuest ministry: “kids can be part of the on-going amazing journey of faith that connects us all.”

“kidsQuest sends families on an exciting adventure through God’s big story.”

The story and style of the ministry remind families that kidsQuest is an excursion, a destination…not just an environment.

Each environment captivates with an ancient-future feel that communicates the importance of “then, now and next.”


  • Translating a verbal brand story into visual environment design
  • Create an art direction that works for preschool through 5th grade
  • Connect ancient stories with the next generation
  • Communicate key messages about the kidmin


  • Develop characters that represent the children at kidsQuest
  • Action comic look and feel with colors that match church brand guide
  • Add easter egg “story starters” to each wallscape
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